Horoscope for the day after: Monday 11 July 2022

ARIES (fire sign) March 21-April 20

 On this Monday, small entrances will serve to slightly change your mood which in recent times has not been very good. Pay attention to how you spend your money: a little thrift won't hurt. Today a person is particularly annoying and will give you a hard time: take everything with philosophy and do not get too excited. Today someone will measure you on the efficiency in dealing with and solving problems. Show yourself up to the test and show yourself proud of having passed it at the same time. Seize the moment: every opportunity that presents itself to you today, make the most of it. Put goodwill into everything you do. Don't give up right now. Work hard to ensure that everything falls back on track. Do not rely on a person who has only a good dialectic but who makes few facts. With your partner you will have to deal with topics that are not easy at all: so put yourself in the best position to explain yourself.

 The stars advise: CALM

 TAURUS (earth sign) April 21-May 20

 You will have a tendency to spend too much and recklessly on this Monday instead of storing and saving as much as you can, later you may need it. If your life has been like a seesaw until now, know that some of you may today receive unexpected news that will stabilize the future. Do not tire so soon: persevere in what you are doing. Taken there may be interesting results. Count to ten before making decisions that you may regret. Be cautious. Think carefully before launching yourself into a context that could cause you many worries. The times are favorable for a return of love: it would be better, however, to think carefully and, perhaps, take advantage of some new pleasant acquaintance made in this period. A friend may need you. Work hard to support her at this rather critical time. The planets today give you a very special energy and an incredible and positive force.

 The stars recommend: SINCERITY

 GEMINI (air sign) May 21-June 21

 This Monday you will be able to discuss some important issues with your relatives. Try to be loving and kind in your conversations. If you can't handle any situation, leave it for now rather than overdo it. Attend meetings in the evening if you want to lighten your mood. Focusing on issues of faith and spirituality will benefit you. You will need a lot of patience to deal with your partner today. Do not consider every problem, because this could disturb the peace and harmony in your relationship. Even minor disagreements and negligible problems can turn into serious problems. Silence will be golden today. Keep calm and believe in the innate strength of your relationship and this phase will also pass. You will find valuable help in relatives and close friends. However, trust little in order not to give the idea of ​​wanting to take advantage of it. This says your horoscope for you today. try to take this into account.

 The stars recommend: CONFIDENTIALITY

 CANCER (water sign) June 22-July 22

 It is not with jealousy that you will solve your problems this Monday: take care to put your life in order and to recover quickly from the falls you have suffered in the past. Excellent prospects for small game wins. Today you may encounter resistance from a friend who you have asked for something. Better not to insist and make a request to others. Do not transfer your anxieties to your partner: it is true that he loves you but you cannot think of putting all your worries or anxieties on his shoulders. Mars and Jupiter will leave you for today, especially in the afternoon. The day is in some respects long and difficult. Good intentions ... but they must be implemented. Documents arriving by mail. Today the phone brings good news. Don't put too much faith in a promise made to you recently. Today there is no need to confide in someone things that you should keep confidential and for yourself: they could cause you headaches. In love, look for the right way.

 The stars recommend: CONFIDENTIALITY

 LEO (fire sign) July 23-August 22

 A negative period is about to end on this Monday: know how to exploit it to get back on track. The anxiety of the news, however, could ruin the start. Don't do your own thing today: consult a specialist for a problem that has been affecting you for a few days. You will surely gain from it. Disappointments in love are overcome by counting on the comfort of trusted and sincere friends: compare yourself with these and they will come in handy and you will discover new worlds that will help you face the next problems. Today you will feel weighed down by the many problems you have accumulated in this period: try to solve as soon as possible at least those that bother you most. Incoming news: someone could call you unexpectedly and you could be embarrassed as you will have to give certain and fast answers. Beware of fragile objects in the home and office. You could cause some damage but you can be able to avoid it.

 The stars recommend: CONCRETENESS

 VIRGO (earth sign) August 23-September 22

 You will be blessed with extraordinarily clear vision on this Monday and will be able to properly evaluate the long-term benefits of your actions. So, today is a good time to judge new initiatives and investments that have come your way so that you can come to an objective decision. You will also be able to judge people close to you and identify who your true benefactor is. Stress from your job or from other areas of life can affect the harmony in your relationship. Small problems can take on disproportionate importance today. This can lead to a strong disagreement over a minor issue in your relationship. If you are single, plan some relaxing activities on your own. The day is not conducive to communication as there are chances of being misunderstood. Tolerate a person who appears particularly annoying today. A letter with good news is coming. This says the horoscope for you.

 The stars recommend: RELAX

 LIBRA (air sign) September 23-October 22

 On this Monday you will hear of gossip about you from people you think are friends but who are not. Speak little and only at the right time. Today you will be laying the groundwork for a new project, but you will have to work hard and hard if you want to enjoy the results. Jupiter today could give you some good opportunities to get out of a tunnel you have recently gotten into. Do everything in order and above all be concrete: do not pursue dreams and chimeras. Reduce your expenses by organizing yourself better: you might think about using the car less and more public services. Ultimately you reduce unnecessary and superfluous expenses. Whatever you are about to do, know that thinking about it and better will only benefit you. Maybe you are too hasty. Good initiative to do some cleaning at home and ... among friends: in recent times they have been influencing you too much. Distance yourself from those who you don't trust much. This says your horoscope today.

 The stars advise: PATIENCE.

 SCORPIO (water sign) October 23-November 22

 You will be a family member again this Monday. Family values ​​are the stepping stone to your success. The auspicious fragrance will start from your home and take you to places. Your pace is unmatched. It will be a fruitful day for you. Work your way through difficult and difficult situations. Your approach is positive and will take you very far. Today you will find the reason for your partner's rude behavior. You paid less attention than you should. Jupiter could favor you with an unexpected stroke of luck: put aside any pessimistic attitude and, if you can, even try your luck moderately. Today is the right day to pamper your partner. Take your partner out for a long drive or shopping trip. Dine together. Compliment your partner. You will see the same freshness and sparkle in your soul mate again. For singles: do not isolate yourself from others but take the time to reflect.

 The stars recommend: CUDDLES

 SAGITTARIUS (fire sign) November 23-December 21

 On this Monday, times and events will change around you so that you may have to change a well-considered decision. You need to react more responsibly to whatever life throws at you. You will not be able to follow the schedule you worked out earlier when something urgent and unpredictable emerges. This event is likely to affect all of your short-term plans. The day is perfect for taking your relationship to the next level. If you are single, you can choose to enter into an exclusive relationship and if you are already doing well, then a marriage proposal is in the air. However, things can't go on unless you take things into your own hands. You have to show some initiative here. Even in love it will be helpful to be ready to clarify some issues that could damage the relationship over time. Today the Moon makes you nervous and you might break something: calm down and think.

 The stars advise: CHANGE

 CAPRICORN (earth sign) December 22-January 20

 Good opportunities to realize some of your ideas on this Monday. So make a commitment and carry out everything with constancy and persistence. Today you have good hopes of clearing something up with your lover if you are in an extra relationship - don't be afraid to address some topics that are literally sizzling you. Today you will feel pervaded by an incredible strength: the will seems to awaken thanks to a really good looking Mars, at least in the first part of the day. Good chance of positive encounters. Face reality: don't let yourself be influenced by false myths and old ideas. Return to trust in your own strength and a pinch in others as well. You have friends who love you… commit yourself to seek their closeness. Excellent day for clarification: everything could be clarified and it will only be if you are patient and do not let yourself be carried away. Love moments in company.

 The stars advise: ATTENTION

 AQUARIUS (air sign) January 21-February 19

 When it comes to making decisions, you can be pulled between your heart and mind on this Monday. This is the riddle. Listen to your gut and you'll end up making the right decisions. Your family and loved ones need your attention. Spend some time with them. It is a good time to make travel plans. You can travel in the next week. You are full of feelings. And you may meet someone who is as fervent and passionate as you are! You don't have to get along with this person! You will only get disappointments! After all, as poles they repel each other. Ride your horse and try to get involved with people who are of the same level. You might even form business alliances with them later! Today if you were born on a Friday you could lose or lose something important and valuable. For all the others, always pay close attention to where you put your things and try not to forget, above all, where you put them.

 The stars recommend: INSTINCT

 PISCES (water sign) February 20-March 20

 On this Monday luck in love today for those born on Tuesday and Thursday. Some friends today will help you solve a little problem. Trust them. Mars and Jupiter sting your pride and will try to trigger the desire to take the initiative: success, today, is almost guaranteed. Beware only of Mercury who can generate misunderstandings in family and friends. Make a to-do list today and make sure you finish at least the most important ones. Moon and Venus will give you a hand in reconnecting with a person you particularly care about. Remember that people change and not always for the better. Today is a good day to look for a job if you don't have one, and to look for a bonus or career advancement if you already have one. But if you have one, don't try to change it: this is the least suitable period. Good opportunities to definitively clarify one's position with colleagues and friends. This says the horoscope for you.

 The stars advise: CLARITY

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