Scorpio - all the characteristics of this zodiac sign

 The sun transits through the sign of Scorpio between October 23rd and November 22nd. This zodiac sign is associated with November, with cold and rainy weather, when all Saints and the Dead are celebrated. In Scorpio nocturnal values ​​prevail over those of the day and his is the realm of the unconscious. If you want to know all the characteristics of Scorpio and the secrets of his mysterious personality, read our article.

Fascinating and mysterious, Scorpio is perhaps the most intense and contradictory sign of the entire zodiac. Intuitive, sensitive, determined and ready to resist any adversity: these are the main characteristics of this zodiac sign . Scorpio is apparently cold and reserved, however he is also agitated by great passions ready to suddenly take over... He certainly doesn't go unnoticed! 

All the characteristics of the zodiac sign of Scorpio

Those born under the sign of Scorpio are tenacious, stubborn and go forward without ever letting go. Their courage is fireproof, while their will is as great as their ambition.
Under a reserved, cold and impenetrable appearance, they are animated by an intense inner life: their remarkable intellectual activity, associated with a great charisma, makes Scorpio the most stubborn sign of the entire zodiac.

They have a good critical sense , in fact they love to intervene in discussions, even causing heated controversy. According to astrology, Scorpio is precise and endowed with remarkable perspicacitynatural. For him, dislikes or likes are instinctive and immediate. However, its main characteristics, influenced by the sign linked to the month of November, can change according to the ascendant: this, in fact, has the power to influence the personality of all the signs of the zodiac and, therefore, must be taken into consideration when read the horoscope .

The Zodiacal Profile of Scorpio

Element: water
Opposite and complementary sign: Taurus
Sign: feminine
Metal: iron
Planet: Pluto
Colors: red and granite
Body parts: sex, anus, genitals
His Time : October/November

Love and sex for Scorpio

For Scorpio, married life is a war that is fought with irony, continuous trials, body and soul. The man who belongs to this zodiac sign identifies with the courageous and patient hero capable of conquering any woman... In reality he has a soft heart and, behind the fake tough air, Scorpio is a faithful companion, deep and very sweet. Provided you never betray him and for no reason at all!

Scorpio is also a very passionate signAccording to her love horoscope, her love life is rich and dynamic. However, he is not very sentimental because his need to remain independent will often prevent him from finding stability. Indeed, he will seem more attracted by fleeting and intense adventures than by a stable relationship.

The affinities of Scorpio with the other signs of the zodiac

Scorpio, as well as Pluto, god of death and darkness, is also dominated by Mars . The influence of this planet makes him a hothead and often fails to get along with other particularly self-centered representatives of the zodiac such as, for example, Leo and Aries. Being a water sign (just like Pisces and Cancer), Scorpio has a particular affinity with Virgo , Taurus and Libra , while it resents Aquarius and Cancer itself.

The characteristics of the Scorpio woman and man

The Scorpio woman is mysterious and attractive. She is sensual and tenacious, yet she can also be vindictive. In work she excels in professions in which she can do research because she loves all that she is discovering. You will take care of your own business very well, earning a lot and working on your own rather than as a team.
As far as love is concerned, the Scorpio woman loves passionately , rigorously, with enthusiasm and exaltation. Women of this sign leave unforgettable memories!

The Scorpio manannoys, exasperates, seduces practically always, either you love it or you hate it! Her eyes are magnetic, penetrating, with a light of mocking or grave happiness, depending on the moment. In general, he is quick, lean, muscular, very strong. He goes fast and can't stand slowness .
In his work he loves to go deep: he will be an excellent psychologist who is dedicated to what torments the human soul; or a policeman, a detective, a researcher ... Due to the influence of Mars, which is his second planet, he is also closely linked to medicine and the health professions.

The astrological sign of Scorpio lives love with passion, without rest and without peace! When it's a couple, we are witnessing an almost permanent war that sees two human beings face each other and compete incessantly! To seduce him you need to go further, to show that you are not afraid of him but that, on the contrary, you accept him even in his insecurities.

The symbolic image of Scorpio

Scorpion is one of the oldest animals on our planet. Like cancer, he has a shell which he gets rid of to reconstitute another, identical one very quickly. It is a particularly resistant animal, which tolerates long periods of fasting and extreme climatic conditions. It has a poison dart at the end of its tail, with which it can kill its opponent. If it were in a circle of fire, the scorpion would not hesitate: it would kill itself by stinging itself. Likewise, those born under the sign of Scorpio are tough, vengeful; their apparent calm, in fact, hides a great aggressiveness .

They never try to please or seduce, on the contrary! They desperately seek the truth. They don't fear death: from an early age, they understand that it is part of the game. They accept it and even seek it out, brush against it, try to tame it. In Greek mythology, the scorpion is regarded as the avenger of Artemis-Diana, the wild virgin. The myth tells that Orion tried to abuse the goddess, who was freed by a scorpion that stung Orion on the heel. For having freed the goddess, the scorpion was transformed by her into a constellation .

The flaws of the zodiac sign of Scorpio

As is well known, Scorpio is the most tormented of all the zodiac signs . This is because it is in relationship with destructive and other constructive forces , creating a dichotomy within it. For this reason, he is restless and sometimes introverted. Destruction , in Scorpio , takes over when the individual is not at peace with himself So much so that even emotional instability is one of the characteristics of this zodiac sign .

Stars born under the sign of Scorpio

Grace Kelly, Martin Scorsese, Bill Gates, Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Scarlett Johansson, Leonardo DiCaprio...


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