Libra - all the characteristics of this zodiac sign

If you were born between September 23 and October 22, you belong to the zodiac sign of Libra. First sign of autumn, Libra is at the autumnal equinox, the moment in which day and night have the same length. This zodiac sign aspires to balance, in fact it is a harmonious being, in a permanent search for measure. It is said that he is incapable of choosing, but in reality he only pursues justice. Here are all the characteristics of the Libra sign!

Where there is beauty…There is a Libra person! It is said that this zodiac sign is vain, refined, sensitive, sociable and with a great sense of justice , but is it really so? Let's discover the characteristics of those born in Libra and how astrology interprets their personality in love, work and affinities with the other signs. 

All the characteristics of the zodiac sign of Libra

Those born between September and October belong to the zodiac sign of Libra, an air sign which, within the zodiac, stands out for its harmonious and balanced character which leads it to get along with almost everyone.
Those born in Libra have a lively intelligence and may have interests in many fields, especially the arts. They love art, music and everything to do with aesthetics. They feel a strong desire to live in harmony and for them the search for balance is something fundamental in life. They tend to live relationships with serenity and spontaneity and do not seek confrontation.

Libras are sociable, flexible and peaceful people: they shun violence and do not tolerate rudeness. They also love to keep fit and spend a lot of time taking care of their beauty. This sign is the most elegant and refined of the zodiac, endowed with a spirit of adaptation and empathy.
Optimistic by nature, for Libra it is easy to create relationships, find support, people who can help. Their greatest desire is to please and live peacefully, in perfect balance.
Good and reliable in managing (other people's) money, those born under the sign of Libra could work in a bank or stock exchange. However, their creative and humanitarian nature also leads them to become artists, philanthropists, musicians or actors.

The zodiac profile of Libra

Element: air
Complementary and opposite sign: Aries Sign
: masculine
Metal: copper
Ruling planet: Venus
Color: pastel colors
Body parts: breasts and stomach
Perfume: jasmine
Age of life: transition from youth to maturity
Time of year: September/October
Symbolic phrase: I am

Libra in love and in married life

Ruled by Venus , just like Taurus , the astrological sign of Libra is the one that, in the zodiac, most seeks the union of feelings. He lives love intensely but is always able to stay in harmony with people. Loneliness is not Libra: according to astrology, in fact, the Libra horoscope is best expressed when you live as a couple.

Just like the other sign that dominates the month of September, Virgo, and on par with Taurus (linked to the month of May) and Cancer (month of July), Libra loves family tranquility, the quiet life, the balance between private and working life. His ruling planet, that is Venus, influences him precisely in this: the ability to live love and sex in harmony. His tendency is, however, to have a quiet and satisfying love life.

The characteristics of the Libra woman

The Libra woman is, according to astrology, charming, elegant, a real born aesthete. She has that certain something that can seduce everyone who meets her. Libra women are more combative than men and can occupy roles of responsibility. They have a natural tendency towards seduction which they know how to combine with a subtle intelligence and great psychological sensitivity. Libra loves worldliness, she loves going out, going to the theater and being seen around, in fact she is one of the most outgoing zodiac signs .

In lovehowever, the Libra woman is very conformist, she aspires to marriage and will do anything to get there, especially if she is very much in love with a man she admires and puts on a pedestal. She has difficulty getting divorced for fear of what people might think of her and for fear of being alone.

The characteristics of the Libra man

According to astrology, the Libra man is elegant, handsome, seductive and affable, in short, he is the best of the zodiac! He takes great care of his appearance, which is always impeccable, and never falls in style. Like all Libras, he depends on the judgment of others and strives to always be appreciated.

At the working level he, loving to be surrounded by beauty , could take care of an art gallery or be an antiques dealer. He is interested in anything that has to do with fashion and aesthetics, so he has a tendency to deal with shapes: he could become an excellent tailor or run a hair salon. He is a very diplomatic sign, therefore he could also carry out jobs that allow him to mediate or negotiate.

The affinities with the other signs of the zodiac

If the scale, understood as a measuring instrument, manages to evoke the incessant duality that characterizes its essence, we forget too often that this sign, although male, has Venus as its master and model. What, however, are the affinities that this sign has with the other representatives of the zodiac? Here is the answer:

  • Excellent understanding with Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, Aries
  • Tendency to balance with Cancer, Leo, Scorpio
  • Difficulties with Aquarius, Sagittarius , Gemini

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