Weekly horoscope from 1st to 7th May 2023

This week the planet Venus will abandon the sign of Gemini to enter that of Cancer, bringing luck in love to all water signs and beyond... And you, what sign are you? Find out with us what the stars have in store for you this week!


Dear Aries, unfortunately this week the planet Venus will stop acting in your favor and will turn its back on you, bringing some tension into your life as a couple… Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, with the moon in opposition, will be particularly nervous: be careful not to act too impulsively, you could say things you would regret! Lucky moon , however, on Sunday.


Dear Taurus, this week - starting from Sunday - the planet Venus will be active again in your favor , ready to give you a month of May all in the name of love! Meanwhile, beware of Friday and Saturday days, when the moon in opposition could bring tensions at work or in the family. Good news in the office and new opportunities on the horizon guaranteed by the planet Mercury, which shines in conjunction.


Dear Gemini, try to make the most of the favorable influence of Venus , which will remain in conjunction with your sign until Sunday: if you have an important issue or pending discussion to deal with with your partner, don't put it off and act as soon as possible ! Good news could arrive in the workplace thanks to Jupiter's favor . Lucky days, with a beautiful moon on your side: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Dear Cancer, this week the planet Venus will enter your sign! Starting from Sunday, a period kissed by luck will begin for you in the field of feelings: your relationship will make great strides, while – if you are single – you could really meet the right person… Good news is also coming in the field of work , with a beautiful Mercury active in your favour , even if for a real turning point you will have to wait for the second half of the month…


Dear Leo, this week you could encounter some more obstacles in the office , especially in the second part of the week: Mercury in an unfavorable position creates conflicts and tensions with bosses and colleagues. Despite this, however, you will be able to count on the support of Jupiter, which will guarantee you victory in the long term. Lucky Moon Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Days off: Friday and Saturday.


Dear Virgo, this week the planet Venus will finally stop hindering your love life and start favoring it! In fact, starting from Sunday, love will smile at you and a period will begin for you in which it will be possible to mend relationships with someone or find a new balance in the couple. The field of work is also lucky , with a nice Mercury on your side. Day yes: Monday. Bad day: Sunday.


Dear Libra, starting from Sunday you will have to deal with the unfavorable transit of Venus , which in the coming weeks could give you a hard time... Mars, also unfavorable, makes you feel tired and particularly short-tempered. Don't worry too much: from the second half of May it will be much better! In the meantime, enjoy a beautiful lucky moon in conjunction on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.


Dear Scorpio, this week the planet Venus will be active again in your favor , ready to give you a month of May all in the name of love! Your sentimental life will be intense and passionate, while in your working life there may be some more difficulties, due to the opposition of Mercury which - unfortunately - from the middle of the month will also be joined by Jupiter... Super-lucky moon between Friday and Saturday.


Dear Sagittarius, just a few more days of patience and – starting from Sunday – the planet Venus will no longer be in opposition to your sign! The love pains of the last period will be just a distant memory and you will be able to find your serenity in the context of feelings. There will also be great satisfaction at work, guaranteed by a good-looking Jupiter . Day off: Monday. Lucky day: Sunday.


Dear Capricorn, unfortunately on Sunday Venus will enter opposition to your sign ... A difficult period for feelings will begin for you: the planet of love will bring to the surface tensions and long-silenced discontents in your relationship ... and perhaps it has come really time to face them! A little more patience at work : from the second half of May everything will be much better!

Aquarius: romantic days...

Dear Aquarius, until Sunday you can count on the favor of Venus : the planet of love is ready to give you a week of great romance. Lucky moon on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, when you could receive good news... Moon in an unfavorable position , however, between Friday and Saturday. At work you may experience some extra tension due to the negative transit of Mercury.

Pisces: Aim High!

Dear Pisces, be patient for a few more days then – starting from Sunday – Venus will smile at you again! The last period hasn't been easy in terms of feelings, but soon the planet of love will bring you great satisfaction. And there will also be satisfaction from a professional point of view: you have Saturn in your sign, Mercury in favor and Jupiter will soon arrive on your side. Aim high!


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