Sagittarius traits revealed: Everything to know about Sagittarius personalities

Like its very own zodiac symbol, Sagittarius comes from the latin word for ‘archer’, and is commonly associated with mythical figures such as Orion the Huntsman. It's fitting, then, that the Sagittarius star sign is regularly associated with themes of goal-getting and achievement – and in the words of astrologer Francesca Oddie: “Sagittarius will not stop until they reach their goal.”

The symbolism of the Sagittarius arrow is reflective of this star sign's independence, free nature and emotional intelligence – you might say that a Sagittarius is often on the mark.

Famous Sagittarians include Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Billie Eilish and Zoë Kravitz – all trailblazing go-getters, wouldn't you say?

As a Fire sign, Sagittarius is bold, unapologetic and forward-thinking, and since it's ruled by the mighty Jupiter, Sagittarius is known for its carefree nature.

“Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, king of the Gods and the biggest planet in our solar system. This gives them a buoyancy, optimism and thus luck,” says Francesca.

Want to know what makes a Sag tick? Here's every Sagittarius personality trait you need to know…

Typical Sagittarius personality traits

Open minded

“Sagittarius love anything that allows them to expand their mind, travel, move, meet people, learn and grow,” says Francesca. “They love animals, too.”


Typically, they are outspoken extroverts – they are warm and fun, and usually surrounded by friends due to their lovable nature and knack for conversation.


As for common Sagittarius careers, they are often connected to knowledge-driven, confident professions. “Sagittarius is the most freedom loving sign of the zodiac,” says Francesca. “They are connected with belief, so their careers and life paths are often connected to this core theme – teaching, preaching and selling being the key jobs they are associated with.”

Sagittarius personality weaknesses

As a Fire sign, Sagittarius can be passionate and at times hot-headed. “Fire signs are enthusiastic, generous, warm, giving… and sometimes a little hot tempered,” adds Francesca.

“Sagittarius a larger-than-life personality that sometimes overextends itself. Sag is known to be clumsy, because they are looking into the distance and trip over their own feet in the process! Verbal clumsiness also matches this sign because they might over extend themselves and say too much.”

Sagittarius compatibility - who gets on best with a Sagittarius?

Generally speaking, Sagittarius are known to build relationships and make friends easily, but fellow Fire signs (Aries and Leo) will find themselves on a similar level to Sagittarius, while Air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) also bond well – air signs often ‘fuel’ fire signs with their intellectual nature.

On a romantic level, Leo makes a great match for Sagittarius. They make for a fun-loving, passionate couple – though as both are fire signs, things may get a little heated at times

Personality traits that a Sagittarius avoids

Feeling caged in

Sagittarius will get along with most people, as long as they can maintain their sense of freedom. In romantic relationships, they will settle when they find someone that allows them their independence.

Emotional sensitivity

Sags are generally quite blunt in their communication, and philosophical rather than overly emotional – so sensitive folks can come across as too fragile to the free-spirited Sagittarius.


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