Horoscope for the day after: Monday, May 23, 2022

ARIES (fire sign) March 21-April 20 Monday

 This Monday in your free time you can dedicate yourself to your favorite activities. A tip: don't give in too much to laziness! A radical change is ready in love: hold on tight and wait confidently for the right moment for you. An unexpected message is coming: it could be a joy, but consider your answer carefully and don't be hasty. Do not always look back: rather try to take the right initiatives to move away from some forms of apathy in which you have relapsed. Love is still shrouded in fog at this time. The good news is slow in coming. Be patient because the problems will resolve themselves over time.

 The stars advise: TRUST

 TAURUS (earth sign) April 21-May 20

 If you are trying to understand the reasons for your failure in love this Monday, know that, in all probability, there is no valid and serious reason: move on and look forward with hope. Even hardened singles today will find some sunshine. In love, it is recommended to go to a new environment if you do not yet have the other half. Well if you have a de facto union. There is an envious person who is doing everything to ruin a project for you: try to avoid any confidence with him and you will see that soon your project will be successfully launched. Grit must be limited when it comes to giving up positions for a better future.

 The stars recommend: GRIT

 GEMINI (air sign) May 21-June 21

 On this Monday you will be able to discuss some important issues with your relatives. She tries to be loving and kind in your conversations. If you can't handle any situation, leave it for now rather than overdo it. Attend meetings in the evening if you want to lighten your mood. Focusing on issues of faith and spirituality will benefit you. You will find it difficult to devote as much time as you would like to your partner due to the pressure created by a number of external factors. Professional commitments can consume most of the time now. Make sure you communicate your feelings to your partner and you will find him more understanding than you thought.

 The stars advise: COMMUNICATION

 CANCER (water sign) June 22-July 22

 Save everything on this Monday, save as much as you can and don't worry if someone accuses you of being excessively stingy. After all, everyone solves problems in his own way. You can decide to get married. Well baptisms, communions, weddings. High energy! The day could be very special for many. Bureaucratic delays could block your small project. If you are looking for a job, know that, for those born on Monday, there will be the right opportunities and finally the clearing arrives after so many clouds. Today those born on Monday could have a proposal or cohabitation or marriage. Do not take fancy flights.

 The stars advise: CIGHTNESS

 LEO (fire sign) July 23-August 22

 There is a strong possibility that you may meet someone from your past this Monday and that person will play an important role in your future. Be prepared to offer and accept help without reservation as this can open up a whole new and exciting avenue for you. The change in your case can only be rewarding now. Nobody's perfect. If the world seems at peace, there is no logic to try a new door when contending with the first. There is no end to desires. But understand that if only you are stable in your relationship, you will be able to channel energy for a better tomorrow. Don't hurt others. Practice meditation.

 The stars advise: MEDITATION

 VIRGO (earth sign) August 23-September 22

 Favorable day this Monday, even in love. Ideal to ask for favors, some loans. Those born on a Thursday may have some unexpected declaration of love. Today everyone seems to be angry with you: you certainly don't go through a period to the maximum, however don't fixate on non-existent things. Instead, think about focusing on what you are doing. Abandon the ways of the past: try to look ahead and also consider a drastic change of course if it were to serve. Getting your life in order has almost become an obligation for you. Today try your luck moderately: don't get carried away but spend something to try.

 The stars advise: CHANGE

 LIBRA (air sign) September 23-October 22

 Excellent day this Monday, in all respects. Excellent physical shape. You will have important and fun encounters. Good health and excellent mood. In everything you do today, be particularly careful: whether you are driving, walking, or having fun, be careful and balanced. Imprudence knocks hard on your doors and there is no need to open them. You will think back to a person from your past: rest assured he was not the right person for you. You haven't lost anything. Rather focus on a new next meeting and… try not to always talk about that person! Fruitful days of opportunities in love starting today and at least for three days: those who intend to cultivate a knowledge made recently this is the right time to do so.

 The stars advise: CAUTION

 SCORPIO (water sign) October 23-November 22

 This Monday will start on a positive note. The stars are aligned in your favor, especially during the first half. Try to plan your official activities before noon, when you have the best chance of success. It's best to keep the evening off or indulge in light, relaxing activities. Someone unexpected might come to see you today. Don't go knocking on doors when it comes to relationships. Remember, someone is definitely made for you. When the ripe moment arrives, the universe will automatically unfold to present that precious gift to you. Let your love find you. Until then, have fun with your friends and colleagues. You shouldn't lose hope!

 The stars advise: WAITING

 SAGITTARIUS (fire sign) November 23-December 21

 This Monday you will see a lot of chaos and confusion. But it is only the appearance. As the cloud lowers, you will see the reason. There is so much to offer that it initially seemed messy. Take your time and follow the trends. You will see a huge perspective. Change is inevitable and it has the ability to paint your future bright. No one is allowed to make you feel down. It is a difficult time. If your love hurts, it was never meant to be yours. It is time to move on. There is no social obligation to hold onto something that doesn't gel with your energies. With energies colliding, you have to back down. You could find love.

 The stars recommend: RENEWAL

 CAPRICORN (earth sign) December 22-January 20

 Get a grip on this Monday and try to calm down: those born on Tuesday will be particularly agitated but they have no reason. Peace will cross your love relationship: unfortunately only singles will not see the light of day yet on this day. Love today could smile at you: but don't look for it on the wrong side. Always be yourself, it is a good rule of thumb for success. Today it is likely that you will receive some proposals that will leave you perplexed and, in some cases, baffled. All in all, you have a bit of guilt: perhaps you have been misunderstood or at least you have not brought the necessary clarity into some situations.

 The stars advise: CALM

 AQUARIUS (air sign) January 21-February 19

 Well, this Monday is going to be a lucky day for you. Take yourself and others by surprise at your problem-solving skills. You will leave your office mates impressed. Your confidence will be high and you may be offered a new project. Feel happy and celebrate with your loved ones. A friend could visit you today. You can enjoy a fun filled day. You need to take off your rose tinted glasses when examining your current relationship and take the necessary drastic step. Don't drag on a relationship just because it's meant to be the cause of social pressure. Examine if it is making you happy, and if it doesn't, now is a good time to download it.

 The stars advise: DECISION

 PISCES (water sign) February 20-March 20

 On this Monday, the activity is affected by your mood. If you were born on a Monday and a Saturday, know that you will have to do a particular exercise in patience. Don't be discouraged. This is no time to throw in the towel. Go ahead with your head held high and you will succeed. If you are thinking of making a purchase try to postpone it: at this moment it will be good to take a look at your wallet and moderate your expenses. Love and friendship smile at you today: take advantage of it and make yourself available and open to any type of evening. Today, friends could give you moments of joy and good company. Try to stay with them as much as possible. Don't put anything into your head that hasn't been told clearly.

 The stars advise: PATIENCE

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