Horoscope for the day after: Tuesday, April 12, 2022

ARIES (fire sign) March 21-April 20 

You will get a lot of attention from everyone this Tuesday.  Soon you will be able to notice your opponents hidden among the people around.  Be careful of your handling with these people as they try to provoke you and shoulder their responsibilities.  In case of too much resistance, go back!  Although you will find someone new you can trust!  Love and romance are risky for you today!  You may run into someone who is not bad and just wants to play to keep.  But you don't have to aim to feel romantically involved with this person.  Try to be friends with this boy or girl and let them know how much you care about them.  Get to know them well and give them a chance to do it too.  ㅤ ㅤ 

The stars advise: ATTENTION 

TAURUS (earth sign) April 21-May 20 

The atmosphere on this Tuesday will be somewhat uncertain.  You need to be more cautious in dealing with sensitive people.  It is also a time for discussion and decisions.  You may be forced into unpleasant situations that you have avoided and make difficult decisions.  However, you will be able to make the right decision even under pressure and this will ultimately have a positive effect on your life.  Experimentation is the key word for the day!  You can ask and allow yourself to do the strangest thing ever!  Dress retro, eat foods from different cultures, be spontaneous about what you say, take road trips and be strict enough not to let the world interfere in your chores. 

The stars advise: DECISION 

GEMINI (air sign) May 21-June 21 

An elderly person gives you to think about this Tuesday.  Planning and prioritizing has been your strength.  Do your part and things will fall into place.  Keep calm and practice patience.  Someone might visit you today.  Take care of your health and take time to relax.  A major financial deal is on the way that could prove to be a tremendous payoff.  The day is perfect for passion and fire.  Romantic requests have grown in you, but you have underestimated the sympathy and power of your partner's feelings.  You just need to articulate your demands from the relationship and they would be more than the same.  Take advantage of this moment to start a more passionate time in your relationship. 

The stars advise: PASSION 

CANCER (water sign) June 22-July 22 

On this Tuesday, the time will be ripe to take some bold steps.  This is not the time to hesitate.  Instead, decisive action is essential.  Don't overdo the opportunities.  A leap of faith right now can drastically change your life for the better, even though it may not seem like it now.  It is also a time to reevaluate old relationships.  We recommend that you look for opportunities to please your soulmate, despite following a rigorous training program!  Your relationship gives you the kind of love that others dream of and that is why you are ignorant of her.  Try composing a ballad or song to appreciate your loved one or frame some perfect memories.  ㅤ 

The stars recommend: BOLD 

LEO (fire sign) July 23-August 22 

This Tuesday you will be putting a lot of time and effort into a project and it will start paying off now.  Hard work and determination coupled with forward-thinking planning did the trick.  You have also planned some renovations but have been put off by financial constraints.  Today, you will discover creative ways to accomplish all of these tasks on your own terms.  The day is perfect for romance, and you can plan to surprise your partner with an intimate or whimsical gesture.  You will probably also get a happy surprise from your partner.  Make sure you plan some alone time to take full advantage of this planetary scenario.  If you are considering starting a family then this is the perfect time to do it. 


The stars recommend: ROMANCE 

VIRGO (earth sign) August 23-September 22 

You have been impulsive in making decisions for quite some time.  But on this Tuesday you will understand the importance of planning and a meticulous approach.  From now on, your approach to anything will see a well-organized and organized approach.  It is never too late to start planning.  With planning, you will also see yourself carrying the proper execution of the plans.  You have been impulsive in making decisions for quite some time.  But today you will understand the importance of planning and a meticulous approach.  From now on, your approach to anything will see a well-organized and organized approach.  It is never too late to start planning.  With planning, you will also see yourself carrying the proper execution of the plans. 

The stars advise: PLANNING 

LIBRA (air sign) September 23-October 22 

Rest and relaxation will be the watchwords for this Tuesday.  You have worked hard in the last few days and now it is time to enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Don't plan a big party.  Rather, take a day of quiet contemplation.  Sharing your feelings with someone special can help you achieve a greater sense of accomplishment today.  Wherever you go there is something or another thing that reminds you of the days gone by when you made love with your loved one.  It can be expected that you no longer agree with them.  Don't regret unspoken things and certain things can't be changed, so let them be as they are! 

The stars recommend: REST 

SCORPIO (water sign) October 23-November 22 

This Tuesday your ego will hold you and you will not have to allow it to act and think for you.  Because of this, you may not see each other in the eye with a person in power.  Whether it is good or bad is a thought you must bear.  One piece of advice, listen to your head today.  Be tactful and diplomatic.  Planetary activities have brought a tumultuous period to your relationship.  The last few days have been eventful and this has put you in a defensive mood where you just hope to keep your head down and keep the peace.  However, this is the time when you need to explore your relationship in a more aggressive style to understand its depth. 

The stars advise: DIPLOMACY 

SAGITTARIUS (fire sign) November 23-December 21 

This Tuesday you will have a great ability to charm everyone.  You will impress those around you with your spirit and your grace.  You will win the admiration of everyone around you.  Take advantage of this bright time to make new friends and mingle with new people and new opportunities will open up in front of you.  A shift of greater proportions is indicated on the relationship front today.  If you're already in a relationship, think carefully about where you want to take it or whether it's time to get out of a bad situation.  If you are single, this is not the best time to embark on a new relationship as you are likely to misinterpret the signals. 

The stars advise: CHANGE 

CAPRICORN (earth sign) December 22-January 20 

You will be modest and may be giving selfless service on this Tuesday.  You can sacrifice your time, money, space or even food to satisfy others.  People will respect this act of yours.  Look at your threshold.  Pay attention to your children.  They may be prone to getting some infections.  Spending time at home and eating hygienic food.  You may want a partner who is distant from you both physically and emotionally.  Physical distance is difficult to cover but emotional distance can be covered easily.  Keep your ego aside and take the first step.  You may be surprised to find that your partner reciprocates your feelings.  Go and destroy the invisible wall. 

The stars advise: MODESTY 

AQUARIUS (air sign) January 21-February 19 

This Tuesday it will be likely that you run into an unlikely experience.  It's not necessarily unpleasant, but it is likely to make you vibrate.  It can lead to a radical change in your outlook.  Don't be afraid to express your feelings, but this time it's better suited to putting the emotional needs of others before your own.  You are about to make new friends and new connections today.  You continue to be in a jovial mood and your conviviality will impress others.  One of the friends you make today can prove to be very significant over the next several years, although it may not seem like that now.  You are in a good mood and ready to help your friends and family today. 

The stars recommend: FRIENDLY 

PISCES (water sign) February 20 - March 20 

It will be time to honor your commitments on this Tuesday.  This may require a lot of compromise with your fun and enjoyment but you have to do it if you don't want to let others down!  Your imaginative skills can help you pursue your goal.  Your progress will be enormous as you focus on humanitarian needs.  You are ready to listen to others and you may meet someone who talks endlessly about life and love!  You are lucky!  This person can honor you with a perfect relationship for life.  Plan other meetings with this person and do not be shy in approaching this person as and when requested. 

The stars advise: FEELING

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